Our Council is now hosting an International PSA Recognized Digital Salon for 2017. There are medals, ribbons and acceptances that you can win. The website is www.DDISP.org - which stands for "Detroit Digital International Salon of Photography" 2017.

Our council has hosted over 75 Salons (1 salon per year) but back then it was Color & Monochrome Prints along with Nature & Color Slides, 2-1/4 Slides and Stereo Division. Now we are hosting only in three Digital Divisions: Color General, Monochrome General, and Nature. In the "Overview" section on the front page of www.DDISP.org, you will find the divisions and pricing, and other pertinent information.

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1 - 2017 - All Divisions YTD thru Jan 1, 2017 (Includes 2017 Move-Ups)
Print and DPD Division Results Listed Below - Includes 2017 Move-Ups
2 - 2016 - All Divisions YTD thru Jan 1, 2016 (Includes 2016 Move-Ups)
Print and DPD Division Results Listed Below - Includes 2016 Move-Ups
3 - 2015 - All Divisions YTD thru Jan 2015 - Includes 2015 Move-Ups
Print and DPD Division Results Listed Below - Includes 2015 Move-Ups
Deleted Council Files - ALL DIVISIONS
Deleted Council Files - All Divisions
GDCCC Board Meeting Minutes
GDCCC Competition Schedule
GDCCC Competitions Rules
Rules regarding DPD and Print submissions to GDCCC competitions
GDCCC Constitution and By-Laws
GDCCC Honorary Awards Information
GDCCC Move-Ups
GDCCC Print Labels
Monochrome & Color Labels for Monthly Competitions
HOW TO JUDGE: Using Our 27 Point Scoring System
ICT: Interest (or Impact/Content/Subject Matter), Composition, Technique.
How To...
Contains procedures for PCS and GDCCC
Logos and Art Work
Logos and Art Work

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